We will be hosting our Combat Missions again from 12/07/20.


Due to current circumstances surrounding COVID-19, the following will apply to all games until we determine otherwise:


Your tempreture will be taken upon arrival if you indicate a high temp you will be asked to leave the site. If you are feeling unwell, with even a light cold, stay away until you are better.

A nose and mouth covering must be warn at all times when in the Safe Zone. Once in the field, you do not have to wear one as you will have more than enough room to stay far enough away from one another.

Park your vehicle nose to tail with others.  Stay in your vehicle until we have taken your temp, registration, fees, BB sales etc. Operate out of the boot of your car. We will not be providing tables. If you do not have a vehicle to operate from, find a space by a tree and use the ground, or bring along a holding table. If the weather looks to be wet, bring along a gazeboo or protective covering.


Bring hand sanitizer and use often. We will provide hand sanitizer/wipes where we can, but supplies are limited so please bring your own if you can.


No food or drink will be provided. BRING YOUR OWN!

No contact via hand shakes or hugs.

Keep a minimum of 2m distances between each other.

Keep kit to bare minimum. Only bring what you need and leave it in your car. Make sure you have charged batteries.

Wear gloves. Avoid touching other people and their stuff.

If the situation changes, and we’re required to update these rules or even close again, then an additional announcement will be made.

Any questions please drop us a message ( or via text (07534465589). Stay safe and be sensible. Don’t risk your health/the health of loved ones unnecessarily.

We will be doing our utmost to accommodate all these guidelines to keep us safe.

All rental equipment will be washed down, sterilized and not used again until the following event (usually two weeks)  to make sure any contamination is properly cleared.

We will be adapting our combat missions - games to avoid close contact (no touch medic rules etc), reduced use of props and keep to open areas (100 acres should do it).

There will be a limited number of tickets for each event.

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