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  • Upon arrival onsite, please head straight to the registration point (ususally Admin van or Trailer) and book on your attendance. Have your QR ticket ready for scanning. You can purchase any required consumables at this point. We accept cash, card, paypal payments onsite.

  • You will be directed to your parking space

  • Come back to Admin van or Trailer for Chronographing your weapons to be used onsite.

  • Attend the SAFETY BRIEF promptly when asked to and please pay attention and do not disturb the briefing. If you arrive onsite during the safety brief or afterwards, please remain in your vehicle and await further instructions once the briefing has been completed. You will be taken through the safety brief, chrononing once the attendees who have arrived on time have gone out for their first mission. BE ON TIME IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE DELAYED.

  • If you have purchased a HIRE PACK ticket, Please attend the call for HIRE PACKS and pay close attention to the presentation. You will be charged for any damage or loss to assigned kit. Return the weapon, magazine, BB container and full face mask at the end of the day.

  • At BADLANDS we believe that the use of biodegradable BB's is an important way to maintain the balance between our use of the woods and that of the environment / wildlife. We love our site and want to protect it as much as possible. We provide Biodegradable BB's for purchase onsite. You are welcome to use your own biodegradable BB's. Please dont use non biodegradable BB's!

Own Kit - £25

  • Includes lunch

AEG Hire Kit - £45

  • AEG, 2500 Bio BB's, Full face Mask & lunch

SNIPER Hire Kit - £40

  • Bolt action rifle, speed loader, 500 Bio BB's, Full face mask & lunch

PISTOL Hire Kit - £40

  • MK23 NBB pistol, speed loader, gas, 500 Bio BB's, Full face mask & lunch

You will be charged for any damage or loss to assigned kit. Return the weapon, magazine, BB container and full face mask at the end of the day

Gates Open: 08:30
Safety Brief: 09:30
Game On: 10:00ish
Lunch: 13:00
Day finishes: 16:00

We have a minimum age of 13yrs old if attending by themselves or any age with a parent or guardian attending with them. You must bring along a completed Disclaimer Form and hand it in when registering on the day. You only have to do this once.

Disclaimer Form


£20 per annum

  • Become a recognised airsofter (any age) with membership to a recognised and insured site.

  • UKARA registration if over 18yrs old. Take part in 3 deployments at BADLANDS over a minimum of 56 days, e.g. the 3rddeployment being 56 days or more after the first.

  • Added to our OFCOM register & coding of your radio (if possible).

  • FREE Birthday deployment (if actual day)

  • Discounts & promotions throughout the year.

  • Click on Icon to download

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FPS Limits & Rules at BADLANDS


AEG's, Pistols, GBBR, HPA set ups and shotguns

  • 350fps (max) with a 0.20g


  • Must be based on a real world DMR.

  • 425fps (max) with a 0.20g

  • Locked to Semi Auto

  • 2 second gap between shots

  • 20m MED


Bolt Action Rifles

  • 500 fps (max) with a 0.20g

  • Minimum 20m Minimum Engagement Distance


You must make sure that you do not have any magazines in weapons whilst in the safe zone. That your chambers are clear. That your weapon has it's safety ON. No dry firing in the safe zone. Always keep your Eye Protection on whilst in the game zone.

If you break any of these rules, you will be asked to leave the game zone and head back to the safe zone.

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