• Minimum age: 13yrs

  • AEG'S, GBBR, Pistols & Shotgun: 350fps

  • Bolt Action Rifles M.E.D 20m: 500fps

  • UKARA Registered

  • Fully Insured

  • Free tea & coffee

  • Battery charging facilities

  • Toilet facilities

  • Onsite shop

At BADLANDS we believe that the use of bio-degradable BB's is an important way to maintain the balance between our use of the woods and that of the enviroment / wildlife. We love our site and want to protect it as much as possible.

We supply Proball Biodegradable BB's

5000 x 0.20's £10.00

4000 x 0.25's £10.00

You are welcome to use your own biodegradable BB's. Please dont use non biodegradable BB's

"BADLANDS" is one of the new generation of sites set to burst into the airsoft arena in 2013. Badlands is set in 100 acres of multi-terrain woodland that will certainly prove challenging for any airsofter - both seasoned veterans and those new into the sport. From sweeping countryside vistas, ditches, foxholes and sprawling ancient woodland, to dense thickets of trees and steep hills.


Expect a range of team-based objective games that will keep hearts pounding and BBs flying. Team work is essential when it comes to tackling Badlands....